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For over a decade, Core Mineralogy Labs has acted as an independent laboratory to study methods of barium sulfate scale (BSS) build up removal. Having amassed and tested a number of widely available chemicals, both generic and brand name in origin, CMI has perfected techniques of in-house chemical

application to minimize the need for more expensive and damaging techniques. As oil and gas wells continue to reach greater depths, dissolved barium becomes an even more impactful issue to both the producibility and economic efficiency of oil and gas wells offshore in the Gulf of Mexico.


Listed below are a number applications for scale removing chemicals that can be particularly cost effective and non-damaging:


1. Removing tight spots in the production tubing created by barium sulfate scale bridging that can significantly reduce production rates     


2. Removing excessive amounts of BSS build-up preventing the regulatory  testing of surface-controlled, sub-surface safety valves (SCSSV) via Slickline 


3. Increasing the efficiency of BSS milling after an overnight soak


4. Cleaning a gravel pack assembly, minimizing the potential for the corrosion of the metallurgy or damaging the formation permeability, a common issue with an acid option


In terms of field results, if the temperature of the affected spot is around 140°F, a minimum of 30-35% solubility is expected, where as if the temperature is significantly higher (175-200ºF), then a solubility of 60-85% is very common using certain chemicals.      

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