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Laser Particle Size Distribution Analysis

Laser particle size distribution analysis (LPSA) is a highly efficient, extremely rapid, very precise optical sieve technique method for particle size analysis. CMI laboratories uses the Microtrac S-3500 system and software for its data acquisition with applications such as:


• Graphical representation of the particle distribution based on a variety of physical characteristics, including volume and surface area.

• Data reported in both Micron and US Mesh scales.

• For “sand control”, the screen and gravel sizes can be selected based on laser data obtained from the analysis of sidewall core, conventional core, or drill cuttings samples.

• Monitoring of active drilling mud particle size distribution.

• Monitoring the efficiency of a water treatment vessel by comparing the particle size data of an inlet sample versus an outlet sample.

• Selecting proper filter sizes for water disposal wells or water flooding projects.

• Quality control  of oil field products or other industrial products

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