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Example of a Thin Section Description Report

Ø = 6.8%. Ka = 4.55mD. MGS = 308 Microns

Thin Section Descriptions: Fine to medium-grained, moderately well sorted, relative clean, quartz-rich (70%) sandstone.

The porosity has a patchy distribution, with cluster of high porosity in one place and relatively low porosity in others.

The large pores (P) seen in image A and B are most probably secondary pores generated by the selective dissolution

of some unstable grains. The green arrow in image A points to an artificial microfracture created along a pre-existing stress line.

The red arrow in image C points to a channel-like elongated pore space. Thin section photomicrograph D & F shows colorful,

high birefringence anhydrite minerals that locally fill the pore spaces, contributing to the patchy distribution of porosity.

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