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X-ray diffraction analysis is a semi-quantitative method used to determine a sample’s mineralogical composition, crystal structure, and compositional percentages.


CMI uses rapid and thorough powder diffraction techniques for sample analysis. Mineral identification of a sample is performed using the International Center for Diffraction Data (ICDD) card file data.


Mineral phase quantification is performed utilizing the relative intensity ratio (RIR) method of analysis, currently utilizing MDI’s Jade 2010 analytical data interpretation software.


CMI offers a rapid turn around times of 3 - 5 days, with an optional rate increases for rush (24 hours or less) samples and sample analysis outside of normal work hours.


XRD applications services offered at CMI include:


Bulk mineralogy (determination of  sample mineral composition)


Clay mineralogy ID, including air dried, heat treated, and ethylene glycol vapor treated


Scale Analysis to improve production and flow assurances.


Identification of low resistivity pay zones via clays containing mineralogically bound water and other conductive minerals such as zeolites


Determination of grain density to correct log–driven porosity, resulting in a more accurate estimate of hydrocarbons-in-place


Combined with EDX data analysis, which renders semi-quantitative elemental compositional data, skilled interpretation XRD analysis is a very powerful problem solving tool.


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